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Babylock Ellisimo Pre-Owned Sewing & Embroidery


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TruView LCD Touch Screen

Easy to See - Easy to Use - Easy to Learn

The TruView screen of the Ellisimo makes every step of your project easy. Access your machine settings with the push of a button, and use the effortless drag and drop capabilities to select and place your designs. Plus, you won't have to wait to see your changes onscreen - the Ellisimo processes information in fractions of a second to instantly update displays of your stitch count, stitch time and other design elements.

Even the answers are right in front of you. Spend your time sewing, not searching. No matter what question you have about your machine, the help options on the Ellisimo ensure that you won't have to resort to your instruction manual. Watch functions performed step-by-step with the 11 built-in videos, or browse through the list of frequently asked questions. The Ellisimo even has a sewing guide to help you get the most out of your machine. The Ellisimo makes every step of your sewing experience easy and effortless - the only hard part will be tearing yourself away.

Customize your screen savers! Upload photos and images to view what inspires you through every step of your project.

It's your window into the amazing potential of your creativity, as well as your machine. The Ellisimo includes a high resolution LCD Touch Screen that's wider and clearer than ever before. Watch your designs come to life in 260,000 colors with 480 x 800 pixels for the clearest and most colorful view. Plus, enjoy a 8.5" WVGA LCD display with a wider, 160° viewing range - you'll have a clear view of the screen from any angle. Additionally, you can automatically exit out of any screen and return home with the convenient Home Page Button.

NeverMiss Automatic Needle Threader

Jump Right Into Fun

The NeverMiss Automatic Needle Threader does exactly what it promises - you'll successfully thread your machine with every attempt. The Ellisimo has combined the most advanced needle-threading technology from different machines, ensuring that your threading is as foolproof as it is fast. It's never been this fast or this simple - the NeverMiss threads your machine in 3 seconds with just the push of a button. Your thread will never miss the needle, and you won't lose any time getting your projects on the path to perfection.

Stadium Lighting

Let Your Work - And Workspace - Shine

The BabyLock Ellisimo's unique Stadium Lighting uses more natural and brighter LED lights to illuminate your projects like never before. In addition to clear lighting surrounding the entire area of the needle, Stadium Lighting illuminates 10 inches surrounding the needle for absolute clarity and zero strain on your eyes. Put the spotlight on your projects and see your stitches in a whole new light.

The Exclusive NeedleCam


Discover Perfection and Flawless Positioning


What better way to see designs and stitches than from your needle's point of view? NeedleCam is a built-in camera that magnifies the needle area on your LCD screen to show your sewing area clear and up close. Pinpoint precise needle placement for embroidery designs and sewing at a glance. This unique camera uses precise images to recognize a mark on the fabric and sets the embroidery positioning automatically. This revolutionary feature gives you the accuracy you need for the most detailed work.

Larger & Specialty Embroidery Hoops

Creativity Has No Boundaries

The Baby Lock Ellisimo goes beyond the ordinary by including four hoops in a variety of sizes for all of your creative needs. Are you working with large embroidery designs or projects? Use the extra-large 8" x 12" embroidery hoop to put an end to time-consuming re-hooping. Creating a quilt? The included 8" x 8" hoop is the perfect size for embroidering quilt blocks. Want even more? You'll even find hoops for standard-sized projects and smaller items like children's clothing. Additionally, the Ellisimo makes borders a dream to embroider with the Continuous Border Function.


Embroidery Editing


Customize with Speed and Ease


Beauty is in the details - that's why you can edit designs to your liking with the user-friendly advanced editing features of the Ellisimo. Each option is easy to find and use, and all of your changes are updated ten times faster than conventional machines with the Ellisimo's advanced information processing. Merge, reduce, enlarge, mirror image or rotate designs with confidence. Duplicate designs as much as you desire. You can even change an entire design to one color with a single click. No matter what your embroidery design requires, the Ellisimo will help you achieve it.


You can effortlessly replicate designs with the touch of a button using the Duplicate Key. Plus, the Ellisimo cuts jump stitches for you.

533 Built-In Designs

Inspiration is Already Waiting for You

Start embroidering right away with the specifically selected design library featuring 39 designs exclusively developed by Nancy Zieman. There's a design for all of your ideas, from simple florals to intricate borders. The Ellisimo even includes a Greek alphabet - requested by embroiderers and perfect for college students. You'll also enjoy a large and lifelike preview of each design with the TruView display. No matter what you'd like to create, you'll find a design that fits your project - or perhaps inspire you to create something entirely new. You can even change the background colors to see white embroidery designs clearly on the LCD screen!

682 Built-in Stitches

Make Every Inch Unique with an Extensive Suite

The Ellisimo includes a stitch for every type of project, no matter where your inspiration leads. What's more, you can specifically customize the 682 built-in stitches to your own preference and save them for future use. Quickly and accurately preview stitches with almost instantaneous processing of the Ellisimo. It updates setting changes in width and length onscreen as you make them. Plus, enjoy the precision or convenience of 150 stitches that can be also used in embroidery mode.


Baby Lock TruStitch Stitch Regulator


with Overlay


Enhance your luxury quilting experience with the Baby Lock TruStitch Stitch Regulator. With this automated stitch regulator, you can enjoy free-motion quilting and surface embellishment at a comfortable pace. Stitch regulation helps you achieve evenly-spaced, consistent stitches every time. This easy-to-use, product is useful for sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels who want to master stitch regulation.



Compatible Machines


  • Crescendo (BLCR)
  • Ellisimo Gold (BLSOG)
  • Ellisimo Gold Collector's Edition (BLSOG-NZ)
  • Symphony (BLSY)
  • Unity (BLTY)
  • Ellegante 3 (BLG3)
  • Ellageo Plus (BLL2)
  • Esante (BLN)

Brother Quattro

  • Brother Duetta
  • Brother Innov-is 1250D
  • Brother Innov-is 2500D
  • Brother Innov-is NX2000
  • Brother Innov-is 4000D
  • DreamWeaver
  • DreamWeaverXE






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