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Long Arm Quilting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Long Arm Quilting Services

What does it cost to have a quilt professionally quilted at Sewing Concepts, Woodstock?
Prices start at .03 cents per square inch for an edge to edge design.

What if I want custom quilting?
At this time we do not offer custom quilting.

How do I prepare my quilt to be quilted?
1. Remove any loose threads and embellishments from the quilt top.
2. Press the quilt top and back, and place it on a hanger. We will need to charge extra if we have to press your items.
3. Make sure the quilt back is at least 4 inches larger on all 4 sides, more if possible.
4. Please do not layer your quilt with the batting and the backing, keep all the layers separate.

What is the turn around time?
Please call the store (815) 338-7754 to get an answer to this question, as this changes seasonally.

How do I get started?
Click on the link above to download your quilt check in form. Fill it out as much as possible, we can help at the store if need be.
Choose your preferred thread color, we will get as close as possible.
Browse the quilting patterns to get an idea what you would like on your quilt.
Bring your quilt in to the Woodstock store to get in line.

Is my quilt quilted at the store location?
Your quilt will stay at our store until it's turn to be quilted. At that time, Maggis Amis will take your quilt to her smoke free, and animal allergen free home. With great care, Maggie will quilt it, and bring it back to the store. Maggie has been quilting for Sewing Concepts for about a year, and is very professional. She takes great pride in her work, and will do a beautiful job!

Are binding services also available?
Yes they are. We would be happy to discuss this when you drop off your quilt.