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Do you have a question about sewing, quilting, vacuuming, cleaning or grilling? Ask us here.
How often do I REALLY need to change the needle in my sewing machine? I know that you are supposed to change them alot but I have never gotten an answer on when they should be changed.
-Sara, From Chico

Hey Sara from Chico,
A general rule of thumb on needles is about 8 hours of sewing.  We have also heard that every quilt deserves a new needle. Changing out your needle is also one of the least expensive ways of keeping your machine in good working order. When you hear the kachunk kachunk of your machine that is not a good sign. Every pass through the fabric dulls the needle and pretty soon instead of piercing the fabric it begins to punch through the fabric. That is not good for your machine or what you are sewing so just remember to keep it sharp.
My vacuum is getting harder and harder to push. When we first got it moved along the carpet now it is like a work out. This is so frustrating!!
Linda, Paradise

Hey Linda,
You probably need to change your belt. The belt needs to be nice and tight so that it can spin the brushroll effectively. Most belts need to be changed about every six months because they stretch out of shape. On a lot of vacuums that belt spinning the brushroll also make the machine easier to push.